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There is some confusion as to when the original mainframe version was created, and by whom.

Although Daniel Lawrence is largely credited with being the original author of DND, there are some convincing arguments that suggest that his version actually was an unofficial and unauthorized port of an earlier game of the same name (sometimes written in lowercase: dnd). According to these sources, the game was originally written around 1975 by Gary Whisenhunt and Ray Wood and later expanded by Dirk and Flint Pellett.

Lawrence however, as the author of the original PLATO version of the game, considers this game as an act of piracy (unauthorized copy), as R.O. Software charged money for a game he wrote. At the time he was also trying to market his DND home computer version Telengard for the IBM PC.

Information also contributed by General Error.

The Earliest Boss?

DND is possibly the first game ever to feature the concept of a "boss" - in this case "The Orb", which was hidden at the lowest levels of the dungeon, protected by a golden dragon.

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