Do 335 Pfeil Tour of Duty Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The list of historical mission you can fly with the Do 335.
Mission briefing
I'm selecting the armament for my Do 335.
Intercepting a group of B-17 bombers.
That P-51 Mustang gets very close!
Right-hand cockpit view
Strafing an aircraft hangar.
Another building has been destroyed by my squadron mates.
I have taken heavy damage, but that's the last bomber in the air.
There's my wingman.
Dogfight with two P-51
The tactical map (EGA)
Firing at a B-17 bomber. (EGA)
Two enemy aircraft incoming! (EGA)
In this mission we're attacking an airfield. (EGA)
The ground structure has been destroyed. (EGA)