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D.O.G: Fight For Your Life (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

D.O.G: Fight For Your Life Credits

Greenwood Entertainment Software GmbH

Game DesignMichael Hoge, Michael Bohne, Arjan Brussee, Alexander Brüggemann, Stefan Nyul
Lead ProgrammerArjan Brussee, Digital Dimensions BV
Developed with GRADE (Game Rapid Application Development Environment) by Digital Dimensions BV - programmed byMichiel van der Leeuw
MusicNando Eweg
Sound EffectsNando Eweg
Galaxy Music SystemDigital Dreams Multimedia, Carlo Vogelsang
UVC Video EnginePeter Sabath
Graphic DesignFrank Ziemlinski, Michael Bohne
In‑Game‑GraphicsAlexander Brüggemann, Frank Reitberger, Michael Hoge, Michael Bohne
Additional GraphicsCarsten Schröder, Andreas Simmer, Andreas Vrhovsek, Ramiro Vaca
Level DesignMichael Hoge, Jens Kruppe, Andreas Adamek, Ingo Mesche
Object PlacementStefan Nyul, Tom Putzki
Intro SequenceFrank Ziemlinski, Lorenz Müller, Carsten Schwede
Digital CompositingCarsten Schwede, Frank Reitberger
ActorThomas Schüer
Motion Picture StudioProfi MAZ Studios; Bochum
SynchronisationPeter Richter
InstallerPeter Sabath
Additional ProgrammingWitan Entertainment BV, Jendrik Pösche, Wytze B. Westra
ManualAlexander Brüggemann, Peter Richter
LocalisationLutz Hebel
Package DesignMichael Bohne
Manual DesignMichael Bohne
Product ManagementLutz Hebel
Quality AssuranceStefan Nyul
TestersTom Putzki, Uwe Hebel, Michael Milan, Andre Dorfmüller, Michael Schievenbusch, Christian Schneider
Executive ProducerAlexander Brüggemann
ProducerGreenwood Entertainment Software GmbH

Softgold GmbH

Product ManagerDagmar Wimmer
LecturerAnnette Janke
Set/Fine‑DrawingAndreas Otte
LithographyZERO Kommunikation GmbH; Moers
PrintLippert Druck&Verlag; Meerbusch

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