Related Web Sites

  • (Walkthroughs, cheat codes, passwords, demos, FAQs, reference files and more, for game-console and PC Doom games.)
  • Doom II EPK at (Electronic Press Kit for Doom II: Hell on Earth. Features gameplay demonstration and developer interviews.)
  • Doom Wiki (A Wiki site for the Doom series.)
  • DOOMWORLD (It is a site dedicated to DOOM, and especially to the total conversions of DOOM2, done with these marvelous wad editors. You need only DOOMWORLD if you want to be informed about the DOOM community!)
  • JDoom (Arguably the best revisited Doom engine. Take your original WAD files from Doom 1, 2 etc. and run them on this D3D/OpenGL and A3D enabled engine.)
  • NewDoom (A big fansite dedicated to the Doom series.)
  • OC ReMix Game Profile (Fan remixes of music from DOOM II: Hell on Earth, including the albums "Delta-Q-Delta" and "The American Album".)
  • S&F Prod.'s Doom Page (Here you'll find a Duke Nukem in Doom add-on and more.)

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Amazon ; an online store selling new and used computer and video games.

Google ; search engine that ranks by popularity

eBay ; Many older games listed on MobyGames are out of print. Auction sites like eBay are the best place to find them.

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