Dracula Unleashed Credits


StarringBill Williamson, Kathleen Russell, Louis Markert, Jay Nickerson, Nichole Pelerine, Tim McGivern, John Olson
Original storyline byAnthony Sherman
Based on characters & situations created byBram Stoker
Screenplay byAndrew Greenberg, William Bridges
Game design byAnthony Sherman, David Marsh, Karl Roelofs, Katherine Tootelian
Illustrated byKatherine Tootelian
Programmed byFred Allen
Original music byByte‑Size Sound
Special effects byPlague Industrials Special Makeup Effects
Director of PhotographyGreg Stiever
Production ManagerSherry Farnsworth
Executive ProducerKenneth Tarolla
Produced byDavid Marsh
Directed byMike Plant

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