Dragon History Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Meet the Bert
Evelyn is an evil magic wand who wants to rule the world
Watching the puppets show
Evelyn makes a friendship with Bert for her own reasons
Starting a game
Visiting chairs
Kicking off the door to your house
Talking to your mother
Save game dialog
Near the pub
Visiting the comedian
Dummy troll is guarding the bridge
Real troll is relaxing in the forest
Entering the idler's house
Talking to idler, while his machine is throwing the cakes in his mouth
Map is used to travel between locations quickly
Visiting the old trumps
Entering the castle through the secret passage
At the castle's kitchen
Dart-thrower is upset because of illness of Dart tree
Listening to Dart tree
Wizard selects the one card, while you are performing a cards trick
Getting the herb in the mountains
The book was stolen, footprints of thieves are seen everywhere
Visiting the pub
The wolf is pissing at the Giant's house
Giant is cooking the dwarves
Patching the chair in library
Getting a faery-tale book with the chair
Reading a faery-tale to the goblins
Meeting the knight near the dragon's cave
Feudal lord is eating the Dwarven goulash
Near the castle's entrance
Bert's father is playing on horn for Bert
Shooting at the nest with a sling
Dart-thrower is ready for training. But troll is real.
Cooking the soup for Evelyn
The lightning is near the Bert's house
Doctor comes at the very end of the game