Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (39520)
Written on  :  Dec 30, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Duke battles it out in Washington

The Good

As it says in the description, Duke it Out in D.C. is an add-on episode for Duke Nukem 3D. Expect nothing new from it: same weapons, same enemies, no more music, and the same gameplay.

DukeDC takes place in Washington, DC. As usual, aliens have invaded the city, but this time they kidnapped President Clinton, so you must make your way blasting them through famous locations like the White House, Smithsonian, FBI, Subway System, the Lincoln Memorial, Control Center, Weapons Plant, and D.C. Sewage. Looking through some of these icons thoroughly is worth it.

As usual with any episode, there are secret areas for you to find out about, which can be found by usually blowing up walls or jumping through some of them. These areas can also contain hidden passages. On the subway level, for examle, blowing up a toilet and walking through the passage that is revealed will lead you to a big station, complete with a big TV and arcade, each of them is surrounded by enemies.

As DukeDC is only an add-on, don't except to fight a new boss or get a different ending. In fact, if you get through all nine levels and save the president, all you get is the boss from Duke3D's episode two, and the ending from episode one. And as I said before, there are no new music or sounds to listen to.

The Bad

There is actually a 10th level that is hidden, which involve Duke going back in time to kick some more alien butt, but WizardWorks found a way to disable access to this level using the DNSCOTTY cheat, without affecting all of the other levels. This is rather unfortunately for gamers like me who use this cheat to reach secret levels right before the boss level, if they haven't already found this level.

The Bottom Line

I'm impressed that someone has gone and actually went on tours through most of Washington's famous landmarks, then memorized and portrayed them in DukeDC. When I played this game, I believed that there was a lot more to the White House then I actually thought. Buy this game if you love Duke3D, or if you can't afford going to Washington to take the guided tours. ***