Duke it out in D.C. Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Updated main menu for the expansion.
The White House lawn
The Oval Office
Inside the White House
White House press room.
Level 2: Lincoln Memorial in the distance.
Honest Abe.
Looking over the Mall at the Washington Monument *(not to scale)
Museum under the Lincoln Memorial.
Level 3: Outside the J. Edgar Hoover building.
Lobby of the FBI headquarters.
FBI head's office.
Level 4: The Smithsonian Museum.
Numerous exhibits around the Smithsonian.
Smithsonian lobby with the Spirit of St. Louis on display.
Inside a Smithsonian exhibit.
"Art gallery" using textures from Duke3D.
Level 5: The Capitol building is on fire!
Alien scout ship crashed through the Capitol dome.
The House of Representatives is in bad shape.
Bill Clinton and Janet Reno say "Support the EDF!"
The Senate chambers have been taken over.
Level 6: Down in the D.C. Metro.
Battle between subway cars.
Another Metro station down the line.
Level 7: Inside D.C.'s sewers.
Fighting inside a waste treatment plant.
Duke's path through the sewers ends at the Pentagon.
Level 8: Naval base at Anacostia(?)
Inside one of the docked subs.
Level 9: Final level inside a giant nuclear bunker.
Build trickery to get hanging bridges.
U.S. Command Center.
Hello, Mr. President, this will just take a second.
Whoops! The Pres is under guard!
Level 10: "Top Secret" secret level.
Aliens in storage... the government has known about them ALL ALONG!
A statue of Duke
Time machine under government storage.
Taking the time machine back to find a keycard.