Written by  :  Medicine Man (374)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2009
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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The most fun FPS game to play

The Good

Duke Nukem 3D was full of original ideas - besides the descent graphics with a great new game engine, great sound effects and music, the gameplay was definitely a perfect 5. At first, the Duke voice. Before Duke Nukem we never saw games, where the main character would talk to himself and the player, especially in such a cool way Duke did. When playing this game, you always felt like your playing this not by yourself, but in a gang of friends. Another thing - the humour. The weapons were all very cool and original, but some monsters, like the Pig Cop for example, are very humorous some times. According to the games plot, these are mutated police officers, which leads us to a skeptic reference to what the developers think of cops (funny ain't it?). Besides those, there are the Assault Commanders, which fly shooting rockets at you and say Dukes quotes like "Suck it down.", and there are Assault Enforcers - reptilian-like aliens with cool costumes, an awesome chaingun for a right hand, and a nose ring, and these guys can even crap on you! Its hilarious! Some interest is also gained when doing stuff you mostly can't do in other FPS games - between battles, Duke can do stuff which is a good way to make a man feel better or make him relax - such as going to the toilet and saying in the same time "Ahh, much better!", playing billiard, or even going to the strip club, handing money to strippers and in the same time saying "Shake it baby!" while they shake their melons. Besides kick-ass weapons like The Chaingun Cannon, Duke Shotgun, Shrinker, Freezer and others we also have plenty of cool items to use, such as a Jetpack, Nightwision goggles, Steroids to make us run like lizards, and some else... In any means - this game is a perfect in any aspect of it.

The Bad

It actually should be a shame to write something bad about this game for a gamer, and that's why i have nothing bad to say about it. Only thing which could be a slight problem here are repetitive level designs, but this happens very rarely.

The Bottom Line

Duke Nukem 3D is the first game which i personally could call a Doom-killer, because it just is one! Its a true mans game, with so many fun in it, that you can't take all the humour in the game by yourself, and you just gotta show it to your fellow gamers after you discovered it. This is a game where anyone would find its place. At least every male player would, because its a true mans game!