Written by  :  James1 (247)
Written on  :  Sep 29, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A pretty good side scroller, better than the original!!!

The Good

I loved the updated graphics!!! The music was alright to an extent. But the coolest thing about this side scroller game was the fact that Duke could get into various vehicles (spaceship!!!)

The Bad

The 1 thing that I didn't like about this was the digital audio. THey screwed it up bad!!! In the opening cutscene, when Duke says I'm Back (obviously a take off of the Terminator) the guy blew into the microphone and screwed it up!!!

The Bottom Line

I would buy it if you liked Duke 1. If you didn't like Duke 1, don't bother with this. Still a good platformer though!!! Despite junky sound effects, this one was revolutionary for it's time! Highly recommended!