Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty Credits


DesignJoseph Bostic, Aaron E. Powell
ProgrammingJoseph Bostic, Scott K. Bowen
Graphics / ArtworkElie Arabian, Aaron E. Powell, Ren Olsen, Judith Peterson, Eric Shults
Musical Lead and Soud Effect VerificationPaul S. Mudra
MusicFrank Klepacki, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
SoundFrank Klepacki, Dwight Kenichi Okahara
Cover ArtLauren Rifkin
DocumentationLisa A. Ballan, Lisa Marcinko
ProducerBrett W. Sperry
DirectorAaron E. Powell, Lyle J. Hall
Project Coordination in UKDaniel Marchant, Peter Hickman
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRick Gush, Donna J. Bundy
Quality AssuranceJesse Clemit, Matt Collins, Patrick J. Collins, Scott J. Duckett, William F. Foster, Michael S. Glosecki, Danny Lewis, Michael Lightner, Eugene Martin, Justin Norr, Glenn Sperry, Noah Tool, Matthew Spall, John Martin, Darren Lloyd, Ken Jordan, Richard Hewison, Paul Coppins
Coordination of Art & DesignMatthew Walker
Manual Design for UK, Germany, France & ItalyDefinition
Acting / VoiceoversDonna J. Bundy, Frank Klepacki, Eric Shults, Glenn Sperry, Julie Stainer
Special Thanks ToDavid Bishop, Marc Cram, David A. Luehmann
European Cover DesignAndrew Wright
European LocalisationPolylang
European Packaging byMick Lowe
European Manufacturing Co-Ordination byRosemarie Dalton
European Marketing byAndrew Wright

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Credits for this game were contributed by IJan (1999), Andrew Wright (12), formercontrib (159540) and Xoleras (66841)