Dungeon Hack Credits

DreamForge Intertainment, Inc.

Event Horizon Rule Book WriterScot Noel
ProducerJames H. Namestka
ProgrammerThomas J. Holmes
Creative DesignThomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
ArtistsJon Grayson, Lynn Helfferich, Frank Schurter, Robert C. Taylor, Jane Yeager
Music & Sound Effects Anthony Mollick
Development SupportJohn McGirk

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Rule Book EditorsEileen Matsumi, Steven Okano, AndrĂ© Vrignaud
Producer (SSI)Nicholas Beliaeff
Associate Producer David A. Lucca
Product TestersMichael Higgins, Chris Lanka, Jeffrey Shotwell
Test Support Kym Goyer, Annette Grove
Graphic Design and DTP David Boudreau (Louis Saekow Design), Leedara Sears (Louis Saekow Design)
Printing A&a Lithographers


Cover artwork by (uncredited)Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159883), NGC 5194 (17489), Indra is stressed (20754) and Pseudo_Intellectual (58443)