Advertising Blurbs

From the back of the box:
    Second in a series of expansion modules for Temple of Apshai, "the computer game of the year" award winner, Curse of Ra takes you on a journey into the deserts of ancient Egypt.

    Four great constructs rising up from the Great Desert preserve the wealth of generations dedicated to the sun god, Ra, lord of the ancient Egyptian gods.

    But legend holds, he who violates the treasures shall carry the Curse of Ra into infinity.

    It is said that four of the treasures - one from each edifice - when combined, can create magic powerful enough to overcome the curse.

    But the fortunes within are guarded by the demons of Ra. The cobra, the jackel, the mummy and more all roam freely about more than 100 chambers. Each with but one purpose.

    Take your heartiest Temple of Apshai veteran, or a new adventurer, in search of the solution to the Curse of Ra.

    Curse of Ra is an expansion module for Temple of Apshai. You must have Temple of Apshai to play.

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Aug 17, 2001.