Earl Weaver Baseball II (DOS)

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Earl Weaver Baseball II Credits


DesignEddie Dombrower
StrategyEarl Weaver
ArtBob Trupe, Eddie Dombrower
ProgrammingEddie Dombrower, Bill Rommerdahl, Robert J. M. Dietz, Mike Burton, Kenneth C. Dullea III, W. Mark Whittlesey
MusicNathan Wang
Music ArrangementDavid Warhol, David Hayes
Sound EffectsMichael Sanders, Eddie Dombrower

Electronic Arts

ProducersMichael Brook, Richard Hilleman
Assistant ProducerEd Gwynn
PlaytestingSteven Matulac, Jeff Lee, Happy Keller
Product ManagementSusan Goerss
Art DirectionNancy Weisanen
Cover IllustrationZimmerman Crowe Design
DocumentationMichael Humes (Three Finger)
Quality AssuranceKurt Hsu
Special Thanks toTeri Mason Christian, Tony Hernandez
Thanks toPeter Sprague, Dwayne Williams, Dave Owens, Ken Mason

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