EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screen
The relatively short intro shows our dolphin friend swimming around
The game starts at Adam's home
Adam watches the dolphin he and his father rescued
Adam sees a ship polluting the ocean
Delphineus shows the way to Eluria
Eluria, a long lost city deep in the ocean
Inside the temple
Inside the mayor's place
Inside of one of the fish apartments
Adam trying to persuade the fisherman
Adam finds a huge statue head
Colorful ocean floor
On the way to Eluria in the seaweed maze
At the Oracle - Adam learns the history of Eluria and of the disappearance of Cetus
The Royal Gardens - Adam cleans the coral statue
So this is where fish have their rendezvous!
Adam found the whale king!
Delphineus struggling inside Flesh Eater's den
There are many non-obligatory little things you can do in the game. One of them is playing King's Quest V!
The main "hub" area of the underwater kingdom. At the top you can see the interaction icon menu
In front of the living quarters of the kingdom. Talking to an amusing manatee guard
The game is full of mild humor. Dialogues are well-written and occasionally quite funny
Liberating a swordfish. Some actions lead to such close-ups
A few items can be inspected in detail
Opening your inventory
You found a corpse of a pirate, and a treasure chest nearby!
Helping a lobster out of a net