Ecstatica II Credits (DOS)

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Ecstatica II Credits


StoryMarcus Wagenführ
World DesignMarcus Wagenführ
CharactersDavid Lowry, Ken Doyle
AnimationDavid Lowry, Ken Doyle
"Hero" AnimationDavid Lowry
Set DesignNeal Petty
BackgroundsMarcus Wagenführ
In‑game CodeKen Doyle
Additional AnimationsTom O Flaherty
Music & Sound EffectsPC Music
Psygnosis ProducersGreg Duddle, Kevin Holloway, Lucy Reed, Neil Jones-Cubley
DirectorMarcus Wagenführ
ProgrammingAndrew Spencer
System DesignAndrew Spencer
Project ManagerSimon Shilleto
Product ManagerNadia Lawlor (UK), Thierry Genre (France), Clemens Wangerin (Germany), Jane Hickey (Rest of the World), Dawn Williams (Rest of the World)
Public RelationsMark Blewitt (UK), Benoite Lavie (France), Ingo Zaborowski (Germany), Dana Oertell (USA), Mark Day (USA)
Quality AssuranceKevin Turner, Jenny Newby, Lee Darbyshire, Craig Stevenson, Thomas Rees, Lee O'Connor
Lead QAJonathon Wild, Mark O'Connor
Packaging DesignPeter Dyke
Manual DesignPeter Dyke
Original Manual TextMarcus Wagenführ
Manual EditorDamon Fairclough
Manual IllustrationsAndrew Sandoz
Translation of the German ManualGabi Lehmann
Translation of the German Ingame TextsClemens Wangerin, Marcus Wagenführ, Uli Mühl
German Recording StudioStudio Besser FFM / Berlin
Voice engineer of German versionMax Wankenstein
Thanks toStephen Donaldson, Jonathan Fargher, Liz Sumner, Jeremy Gaywood, Andrea Falcone, Neil Taylor, Antonio Miscellaneo, Steve Oldacre

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