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    El-Fish: The Electronic Aquarium

    You've seen fish on a computer before... But you've never seen fish this bright, this beautiful, this colorful--or this realistic. And with El-Fish, you can breed and evolve new, never-before-seen fish--and keep them in aquariums that you design and create. Combining art, science, technology, and life, El-Fish is the creative tool to make living art.

    Fish In Chips -- No drawing or painting skills needed. All fish and their animations are created by your computer using the latest techniques in Artificial Life, genetic algorithms, and 3-D image rendering.

    Tanks A Lot -- Catch, breed, evolve, mutate, and animate unlimited fish to create unlimited aquariums.

    Zen And The Art Of Electronic Fish -- Creating and watching El-Fish aquariums evokes the same relaxing, meditative, contemplative, blood pressure-lowering moods as a real aquarium.

    From Russia With Glub -- Created and programmed in russia by AnimaTek, El-Fish continues Maxis' international quest to bring you the best, most creative entertainment software in the world.

    • Compose animated shows of multiple tanks.

    • Grow computer-generated plants.

    • Computer-generated soundtracks in eight styles.

    • No spills, no odors, no tanks to clean, and no dead fish.

    • Import your own drawings, pictures, and scans into aquariums.

    • Your only limit is your imagination.

    Contributed by Trixter (9128) on Oct 19, 1999.