The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall (Demo Version) Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The loading screen shows a mirrored image of the library from the full game's intro sequence.
The main menu screen is nothing like the full version.
The character screen.
It's quite dark in the dungeon.
The in-game menu has many features that are missing from the full version of Daggerfall. Most options have no effect in the demo however.
Found some treasure.
The character's spellbook.
The 3D auto-map feature does not use wall and floor textures, which makes it hard to use when a large portion of the dungeon is explored.
One of the many rooms in the dungeon.
A Frost Daedra will thaw after a few fireball hits.
An intense fireball duel with a Lich.
Full-screen view with the minimized HUD.
Gotta use the levitate spell to get down there.
Casting a fireball at an Ancient Lich.
The Bestiary option provides background information on some of the monster types that may be encountered in the game.
An earlier version of the demo features a female Spellsword player character.
Enchanted items have a green background. In the final version of the game, the green background is used to mark quest items instead.
An Ancient Lich - called the Underking in this version - casts a spell.
The Skeletal Warrior resembles its Arena counterpart, armed with a sword and without a shield.
The female Spellsword version of the demo allows the player to use bows and arrows.
Reading a book.
An encounter with a Giant Bat.