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Advertising Blurbs

"Transend Shareware" advertisement - DOS (UK):
    Whenever you want top quality arcade graphics and dazzling sound you need look no further than the shareware leisure section. Electro body is without doubt one of the most stunning arcade action games. Search the maze dodging the robots and auto-firing laser guns. Brilliant digitised speech for Soundblaster users and a first class music track. Arcade addicts get this! Requires Hard Disc & VGA. Source: PC Zone, April 1993 issue, p. 50

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (20107) on Dec 28, 2016.

Back of Box - DOS (US):

    It's just you against an entire alien base... and they've used every trick in the book!

    After drifting off to sleep late one night at the planetary base. Jacek woke to discover that his unit had lost all its power. Climbing the darkened stairway, he discovered that alien beings had invaded the base and killed all the humans -- including his wife and children! Only his friend Placek remained, and together they escaped for another planet.
    Now it is time for revenge. Using all his insurance money. Jacek underwent many costly operations giving him superhuman strength and senses. He armed himself with weapons and set out for the conquered station. What Jacek does not know is that the aliens have now rebuilt the station with numerous security systems designed to keep him out. Can you help our hero?
    Make your way through eight dangerous levels, finding the three special electronic circuits that allow you to transport to the next level. And that is only the beginning. Along the way, try to escape automatic cannons and barriers, hundreds of mines, missile launchers (they react solely to humans), and powerful defensive robots. Most important, keep our hero's gun charged up by finding energy along the hazardous corridors. Good luck! You and Jacek are going to need it.

    ELECTROMAN contains:
    • Outstanding graphics and sound
    • Challenging fun for the whole family
    • No graphic violence
    • Full menu with story line
    • Easy installation
    ELECTROMAN supports:
    • Sound Blaster

    Don't Forget...ELECTROMAN is READY TO GO! making installation easy. Simply insert the diskette, type GO, and you're up and running.

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (20107) on Jul 06, 2009.

Unknown Source:
    In Electro Man, you'll explore a futuristic space station, making your way through thought-puzzles and quick-reflex arcade sequences! The full version of Electro Man contains 6 episodes and requires approximately 20 hours to solve.

    Contributed by Retron (225) on Jan 15, 2000.