Electroman Credits (DOS)

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Electroman Credits


DesignMaciej Miąsik, Janusz Pelc
ProgrammingMaciej Miąsik, Janusz Pelc
Graphics / ArtworkMaciej Miąsik, Janusz Pelc
MusicDaniel Kleczyński
ProducerMarek Kubowicz
ProjectMaciej Miąsik, Janusz Pelc
TestingMaciej Janiec
DocumentsMaciej Miąsik
CorrectionKrystyna Dulińska
Sound Effects comes from the following music tracksHeimcomputer - group Kraftwerk, Welcome To Paradise v 1.0 - group Front 242, Lifeblood - group Fatal Morgana, Fury - group Code Industry, Homage To Mountain - group Yello

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