Electroman Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (Electro Body release)
The game begins (Electro Body release).
Shoot at the robot (Electro Body release).
Enemy robot
Toxic pipes
Fire blast
Air blast
Double jump
Pink arrow shows right direction
Check point
New environment
One shot, four enemies
If you thought you could jump over these, think again. Yes, you'll need to walk under them.
Obtained the third and last keycard. Let's get outta here!
Electro Body copy protection: after being given the location of a specific letter in the manual, find the teleporter with the right letter.
The message that shows up after you fail to pick the correct letter three times.
Electro Man title screen (Epic Games shareware version)
Small (pre)menu screen perhaps
Beginning area
Ammo found
Robots and cannons
Level 1 is about to be finished.
Start of the Level 2.
After Level 1 is finished.