Electroman Trivia (DOS)

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Collector's Edition release

After 22 years the game was re-released on CD-ROM at Poznań Game Arena 2014, including high quality soundtrack and printed certificate.


In its original release, Electroman came with an audio cassette with in-game music, for the benefit of people without sound cards.

Certain releases of the game also came bundled with a Covox Speech Thing, which would generate digital sounds and music when connected to a LPT port.

Freeware release

Developer xLand generously released this game as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license on 25 June 2006. This version was released to work in DOSBox and will not work in original DOS.

Version 1.5

The version of the game for markets outside Poland is version 1.5, with improved graphics. The improved version also saw release in Poland.

Python port

The game's developer, Maciej Miąsik, was working on a Python port of the game under the name "PyElectroMan" as a hobby project. However, the project has not been active since 2011.


In 2014, the Polish indie game website 1ndie World announced "The Jam", a contest for the best game inspired by Electroman. The winner, announced at Poznań Game Arena 2014, was Ego Protocol.

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