Related Web Sites

  • Elite Official FAQ (Elite Frequently Asked Questions (Answers from David Braben))
  • Elite: The Dark Wheel (The accompanying novella to Elite by Robert Holdstock, The Dark Wheel, is found here.)
  • Frontier Astro (Fanpage with version descriptions and collector information for any Elite version ever released.)
  • The Elite Home Page (Game's co-author (Ian Bell) site dedicated to Elite. Among the wealth of info on the site — including a FAQ, links to musical and narrative works inspired by the game — there is the chance to download emulable versions of the game for every platform it was released, with Bell's comments and notes on every version. It is also possible to play a browser version of Elite: The New Kind, celebrative of the original game release 30th anniversary)
  • The Making Of: Elite (an article about the history of the game, on Edge Online (22nd May 2009))
  • The Unsolved Mysteries of Elite (Read-only Memories, 2015) (Article by Steve Hogarty about rumors about the Elite games (like the black hole or space dragons) and the responses of David Braben on those.)

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