Epic Pinball (DOS)

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Written by  :  piltdown_man (145618)
Written on  :  Apr 16, 2012
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The ratings only go up to five and I want to rate it eleven

The Good

This was the first game I ever owned that was released in installments. Each package contained the basic game and menu system together with four or five tables. I had packs 1 & 2 so that meant nine tables in all.

I must have owned it back in 1994/5 and the whole family played it. There was competition to set the highest score on each table and at one point this led to rationing access to the PC in one hour sessions. It was the ideal game for us at that time, easy enough for any of us to play, interesting enough that we all wanted to play it, and with enough bonuses and mini games to remain challenging for ages.

It's now 2012 and I've just loaded two tables that I can play using the DOSBOX emulator and they still hold my attention.

The music in these games is excellent. I played the game again today, just the Jungle and Enigma tables, and it still holds its own against other pinball games I've played, and uninstalled, over the years.

The Bad

Only two things really, one being that eventually the rest of the family had better scores than me on all tables, and the other being that my wife eventually got such a high score on the Deep Sea table that it was stored as a humongous negative number.

The Bottom Line

An oldie and a goldie. It runs in DOS so you'll probably need an emulator to play it but, if you get the chance, give it a go.

I've just re-installed two tables and would not hesitate to install more when I can.