Eye of the Beholder Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screen
Only you can find the evil and destroy it! (from the opening intro)
Prepare yourself! (from the opening intro)
Character Generation
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -1)
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -2)
Against creepy creatures (in-game shot -3)
dwarves could be a powerful allies... or an enemies
if you choose a bound to dwarves, their cleric will gladly help you
even though it's a dungeon-hack, you can find wide underground areas
when there will be no stairs to find, portal gates will do just fine
those puma-alike creatures have scorpion-alike twin tail
saving the prince is one step towards stoping the war btween Drowes and Dwarves
these slimy caves are deep below, and contains Mantis-Warriors
RATS (Rapid Access Teleport System) - nice name though
main in-game menu (mostly used for healing characters, or saving a game)
Drow welcome comitee.
A Xorn is a creature heavily attracted by a metal. Tough to kill though.
Last Level. You can mix stone, health potions, and some other ingredient, and you'll get this creature.
Mr. Evil himself. The main bad guy, pretty fast though.
Portrait selection
Inventory screen
Stat screen
Prepping a spell
Kobold strikes!
Damned Kobolds!
Title Screen (CGA)
Starting out (CGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Starting out (EGA)
Journey below the city
New scrolls!
Slugs horde
Don't fall in hole!
Zombie escapes.