Written by  :  B Jones (14)
Written on  :  Oct 03, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
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Waaaay to easy...

The Good

"Atmospheric Haze"

The Bad

It was the F-19 engine with a different aircraft. Althought they said they wanted to "emphasise an more arcade-like experience", well, F-19 was already very easy. This added nothing.

Worse, I bought it with a box that had a big red "Understanding Desert Storm" sticker on it. "Great!" I thought "They've added Desert Storm Scenarios." No, they hadn't. Same old (non-Iraqi) scenarios.

I think I played this for less than an hour.

The Bottom Line

Shameless, and it was one of Microprose's failings. Too often they'd take a game engine and slap umpteen "new" games out of it. They should have been breaking new ground (and by that, I don't mean investing in arcade machines which ended up sending the company broke).