F-16 Combat Pilot Credits


Co-Founders of Digital IntegrationDavid K. Marshall, Rod J. Swift
ConceptDavid K. Marshall
DesignDavid K. Marshall
Project ManagerDavid K. Marshall
ProgrammingColin Boswell, Marcus Goodey, Paul Margrave, David K. Marshall, Chris Smedley
Additional Programming SupportKevin Bezant, Rod J. Swift
Computer GraphicsTony West
ProducerRichard Hilleman
Assistant ProducerBob Henderson
Technical DirectorBob Henderson
Product ManagerDave Nielsen
Art DirectionNancy L. Fong
Package DesignJamie Davison Design Inc.
Manual byDavid K. Marshall
ResearchBill Gunston
Special Thanks ToPatrick Fitzsimons, Bill Gunston, Flight International, Salamander Books, Patrick Stephens Ltd., GEC Avionics, General Dynamics, Numerous USAF and RAF pilots

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