Fantasy Empires Credits (DOS)

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Fantasy Empires Credits


Original ConceptDenis Dyack, Rick Goertz
Game DesignScott Collie, Denis Dyack, Rick Goertz
ProgrammersDenis Dyack, Rick Goertz
Lead ArtistScott Collie
Supporting ArtistKen McCulloch
Manual AuthorKen McCulloch
Dungeon Master's VoiceKen McCulloch
MusicDenis Dyack
Sound EffectsDenis Dyack
SupportAndrew Brownbill, Dave Dunn, Andrew Summerfield
TestersDave Collie, Dave Dunn, Brian Kilroy, John Trafananko
Special Thanks ToRobert DePetris, Joanne Dyack, Tracy Goertz
Rule Book EditorsAl Brown, Eileen Matsumi, AndrĂ© Vrignaud
ProducersNicholas Beliaeff, Charles J. Kroegel Jr.
Associate ProducersDavid A. Lucca, Rick E. White
Music Composition and Performance MusicEric Heberling
Digital Sound EffectsRalph Thomas
FM Sound DesignGeorge Alistair Sanger
Lead Product TesterJoshua M. Cloud
Product TestersForrest Elam, ForTeSt Elam, John Kirk, Brian Lowe, Thomas MacDevitt, Steven Okano, Jeffrey Shotwell
Box artwork based on "Red Magic" cover artwork by (uncredited)Fred Fields

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Test SupportKym Goyer, Annette Grove, Renee Steiner
Compatibility TestingTop Star Computing Services Inc.
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Leedara Sears
Printing A&a Printers and Lithographers Inc.
Real PrintingPaul A. Weier (power EMACS formatter), John Barton (high-speed scanner)

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