Fantasy General Credits (DOS)

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Fantasy General Credits


ProgrammerPaul Murray
Lead ArtistDavid Jensen
Executive ProducerBret Berry
ProducerJan Lindner
Associate ProducerRick E. White
Game DesignSSI Special Projects Group
Campaign EditorChris Carr
Additional Campaign DesignChris Lanka
Data ManagerCaron White
User Manual AuthorMark Whisler
User Manual EditorJonathan Kromrey
Additional ProgrammingKeith Brors
Manager of Visual ArtsSteve Burke
ArtistsGennady Krakovsky, Maurie Manning, Shaun Tsai, John Xu
Art SupportCyrus G. Harris
German TranslationCarlo Boggio, Patrick Baroni, Chris Leilich
Product Test ManagerGlen A. Cureton
Lead Product TesterJohn Cloud
Product TestersJoshua M. Cloud, Forrest Elam, Brian Harp, Michael Hawkins, Jason Loney, Anathea Lopez, Aaron Malchow, Lance Page, Jason Ray, Jeffrey Shotwell, Bill White
Install ProgrammingBenjamin Cooley
Original Install CodeMichael Coustier
MusicDanny Pelfrey, Rick Rhodes
Voice Over TalentLee Crawford, J. S. Gilbert, Bryan Session
German NarratorsHarry Täschner, Achim Geisler
SoundRon Calonje
Recording EngineerKlaus Schmied
Sound EffectsKlaus Schmied
Female VoicesMarisa Lenhardt (Shadow Phredd)
Orchestration Lead & Engineer & Male VoicesMaurice Jackson
Audio Producer and Audio CodeRalph Thomas
Graphic Design and DTPDavid Boudreau, Leedara Zola, Bill Duncan, Fiona Todd
Special ThanksMarcia Bateman Walker, Russell Brown, Daniel Cermak, Danté Fuget, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., David Merrick, John Miles, John Robert Ross, Ben Rush, Tom Wahl, Matt and Monique at Music Annex, Mark Nutini (at Opcode), OSC Inc., SSI Customer Support

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (180964) and formercontrib (159537)