Fascination Credits (DOS)

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Fascination Credits


ConceptionMuriel Tramis
GraphicsYannick Chosse, Joseph Kluytmans, Rachid Chebli
Programming M.D.O. managerPhilippe Lamarque
MusicFrédéric Motte
Sound effectsFrédéric Motte

CD-ROM version

ConceptionMuriel Tramis
prog. managerPhilippe Lamarque
GraphismsJoseph Kluytmans (as Josef Kluytmans), Rachid Chebli (as Rasheed), Yannick Chosse
Sound effectsFrédéric Motte (as Moby)
MusicBibapelula Productions, Alain Sery
speakersPhil Mac Alpine, Marina Albert, Catherine Lypszyc

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