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Fates of Twinion Credits


Created ByJoe Ybarra, Michael Moore, Scot Amos, Andy Riedel, Mike McAulay, Leonard Micko, Mark Dickenson, Fred Butts, Botu Green, Donna Taylor, Roy Eltham, Andrew Townsley, M. S. Dunhour, Wendy Barlow, Sharon Chercowy, Biard MacGuineas, Russell Lieblich, John Miles
YPI PlaytestersBob Blees, Carlos Flores, Paul Lavelle, "Fuzz" Lokajicek, Alisa Schaefbauer, Rich Waters
MusicRussell Lieblich
Sound EffectsRussell Lieblich
Sound DriverJohn Miles
Special Thanks ToKen Williams, The ImagiNation Network testers, All our friends at the ImagiNation Network, All our friends at Sierra-Online

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