FIFA International Soccer Credits


Lead ProgrammerTim Ansell
ProgrammersClive Gratton, Adrian Panton
Lead ArtistWill Hallsworth
Additional ArtworkAlan Ansell
Original MusicRay Deefholts
Additional Drum Programming and AssistanceTim Ansell
Sound EffectsBill Lusty
ProducerKevin Buckner
Associate ProducerNick Goldsworthy
Executive ProducerJoss Ellis
Product ManagerNeil Thewarapperuma, Chip Lange
Technical SpecialistHugo van der Sanden
DocumentationNeil Cook, Michael Humes
Documentation DesignColin Dodson
Lead Product TesterMark Bergan
Product EvaluationLawrence Doyle
QA TestingRaphaël Colantonio, Peter Murphy, Thomas Rudowicz
German LocalisationRolf D. Busch
Original Game DesignBruce E. McMillan, Jan G. Tian, Matthew Webster
Original Sega VersionDavid Adams, George Ashcroft, Kevin Buckner, Neil Cook, Dianna Davies, Joe Della-Savia, Jeff van Dyck, Suzan Germic, Peter Larsen, Colin McLaughlan, Bruce E. McMillan, Kevin P. Pickell, Brian Plank, Mike S. Smith, Neil Thewarapperuma, Jan G. Tian, Matthew Webster
Special ThanksSuzannah Ansell, Mark Balogh, Keith Cooper

PC Version

Game DesignKevin Buckner, Tim Ansell
Development TeamThe Creative Assembly
Project LeaderTim Ansell
Original Music CompositionHFC Music
DeveloperTim Ansell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luiz Pacheco (1257), Garcia (4753) and formercontrib (159735)