Written by  :  B Jones (14)
Written on  :  Oct 03, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
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Wasn't fun

The Good

Nice graphics. Much more realistic than previous efforts. Lots of technical documentation.

The Bad

The Realism! I gave up playing this, because it was too easy to get shot down. Maybe even more than real-life! Although in theory you were part of a large group with AWACS and other aircraft supporting you and were supposed to have a backseatter, usually you'd hear 'Spike!' and you're dead. I played one mission again and again and this kept happening, and gave up in the end. Although I had really looked forward to F-14, I maybe played it for 15 hours before giving up. Didn't buy and more MPS flight sims after that.

The Bottom Line

Microprose F-14 was probably a good example as to why the Flight Simulator market eventually crashed. It gave us everything we thought we wanted (realism), at which point it became too much like hard work.