Fox Ranger Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Fox Ranger title screen
Intro sequence, my Korean is a little rusty. Is that a phone number?
Intro sequence, the Fox Ranger ship about to take off
Level introduction
Stage 1 "Outer space"
Stage 1, got some power-ups
Approaching a boss
Stage 1, end boss
Stage 2 "Fire space", falling meteors
Stage 2, this mid-stage boss keeps jumping all over the place, from here.. here, this is either broken or bad programming.
Game over!
Stage 2 end-boss, flaky collision detection, this hit didn't register
Stage 2 end-boss, you have to hit it at exactly the right angle I guess
Stage 3 "Meteorite zone"
Stage 3 end boss, shoots lots of bullets..
.. and then jump into the background
Stage 4 "Warp area", with palette rotation effect in the background
Stage 4, another mid-stage boss that jumps all over the place
Stage 4 end-boss, good luck trying to hit the yellow eye with this weapon
Stage 4 end-boss, these shots still don't register
Cut scene after stage 4
Stage 5 "Assault attack", you have to see this background in motion to really appreciate its awfulness
Stage 5 end-boss, doesn't that difficult
Death by a thousand eyeballs
Another cut scene
Last stage "Destroyer"
Last stage, the final end-boss
Game options
High-score table