Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist Credits


Design byAl Lowe, Josh Mandel
Writing / Dialogue / StoryAl Lowe, Josh Mandel
ProducerJosh Mandel
DirectorJosh Mandel
Graphics / ArtworkBob Gleason, Ruben Huante, Phy Williams, Karin Ann Young
ProgrammingSteve Conrad, Cynthia L. Swafford, William Shockley
MusicAubrey Hodges
SoundAubrey Hodges
Quality AssuranceMike Pickhinke, Michael Brosius, Dave Clingman, Keri Cooper, Lynne S. Dayton, Tina Deardorff, Michael D. Jones, John Meek, Diana Mulligan, Sharon Simmons, Joe Carper, Judy Crites, William Davis, John Ratcliffe, Sharon Hoban-Smith, Danny A. Woolard
Additional Animation and Mondo Thanks ToJeff Crowe, Joan Delehanty, Maria Fruehe, Gloria Garland, Michael Hutchison, Tony Margioni, Gerald Moore, Cindy Walker, Christopher Willis, Deanna Yhalkee
Special Quest ProgrammingJuan Carlos Escobar, Brian K. Hughes, Doug Oldfield
Customer Service LiaisonsLarry Buchanan, Mike Weiner
Systems ProgrammingVana Baker, Ed Critchlow, Dan Foy, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Jack Magne, J. Mark Hood, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, Larry B. Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Mark Wilden
Special Thanks ToRobert Ballew, Nathan Gams, Donovan Holmes, Alan Mandel, Jeff Martin, Jon Martin, Richard Spurgeon, Hubert Grunder, The Freddy Pharkas betatesters
Configuration LeadDouglas Wheeler
Additional MusicRichard Spurgeon
Additional Sound FXRichard Spurgeon
Documentation DesignNathan Gams
International ProducerSabine Duvall
German TranslationSusi Henner, Oliver Kluge, John Hugo
German Manual EditorsRandy Randi, John Hugo
International ProgrammingGary Kamigawachi
International Quality AssuranceRoger Pyle, Daniel Carver
Cover artwork byTerry Robinson

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