Written by  :  kie kelly (4)
Written on  :  Jun 19, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Fantastic in vision - lacking in dynamics - but it is 10 yrs old

The Good

The whole concept of elite and this sequel have simply never been beaten, EV Overide / Nova on the Mac does a cool but ultimately (and literally) 2 dimensional take on the concept.

And the concept is as other reviews suggest - an infinite world of possibilites with no finite goal just a billion plus systems to explore!

The Bad

well only the obvious - how can you create a real functioning Universe on a 1meg Amiga!

you can only suspend disbelief for a finite time!

now if only the energy that is put into creating modern XBOX or PS2 graphics games were utilised in such away - HALO or Grand Therft Auto are the only two games I've seen that really push the borders of AI - nevermind the latest graphics, plotline and AI is what makes a real game... or perhaps I mean more than a game!

The Bottom Line

I doubt there has ever been a game made with the possibilities of such endless possibilities, worth a look but gaming has moved far in the last 10+ yrs still if your INTO the core of gaming/imagination then this has to be researched!