Written by  :  Robert Pragt (29)
Written on  :  Jan 12, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Tough guy biker becomes adventurer.

The Good

This is a real good adventure game. The graphics are dark and, together with the twisted music it creates a very nice atmosphere. There's some good humor in this game too. The tough main character Ben rules, and the other characters in this game are nice too.

The puzzles in this game are nice, some will really get you thinking and some won't require too much of it :). In this game, the obvious answer is almost never the right one.

There's some action in this game, (beat up rival bikers on abandoned mining roads) in this game, it fits, other then arcade/action scenes in some other adventures.

The Bad

Well... The destruction derby was a little annoying, altough not impossible, it didn't really hold me up long. The game is a little too easy sometimes.

The Bottom Line

This game rocks! A must for adventure fans.