Written by  :  Locut0s (655)
Written on  :  May 27, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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A classic must play, but not without its own flaws

The Good

Few adventure games have as well crafted a story line as this. Despite its short length, which I don't see as a flaw as others do, you quickly get sucked up in the story and find yourself connecting with the characters. With the exception of Grim Fandango I can't remember the last adventure I played where you really come to care for the characters the way you do for Ben and Morean. Overall the character design from Ben and Morean to the wondrously evil Adrian Ripburger and the very likeable Malcolm Corley is stellar. The excellent voice acting throughout also helps to breathe life into these characters. There is a real feeling of style to this game, everything from the great music to the slick movie like feel of the cut scenes and the game itself all come together to deliver a great gaming experience. Part of the rough and tumble atmosphere in the game is the ability of Ben to kick and punch his way through a number of situations. It's kind of refreshing in an adventure game to be able to kick down a guys front door or rough up a bar tender. There aren’t a lot of these situations but it adds a nice twist to the genre.

The Bad

There really aren’t any showstoppers in this game and maybe because of its otherwise overall excellence the few flaws that it does have stand out all the more.

For the most part the puzzle design is what you would expect from a Lucas Arts adventure, not to hard not to easy with a few leaps of login thrown in for good measure, nothing the average adventure player can't handle. However there are places where objects that play a role in solving a puzzle or getting you out of a situation you are stuck in aren’t highlighted at all. It's very annoying to find out that the solution to a problem is too hid behind a piece of scenery that you thought was just part of the background art work. There are also one or two examples of hidden or camouflaged objects. Another thing that some adventure gamers might find annoying is the arcade sequences in the game. There are two parts in the game where you are placed in an arcade like mini games where you have to either fight other characters or drive a car. These are well integrated into the game and fun to play however some may feel them to have a "dumbed down for the adventure gamer" quality or they may just feel them tedious. The solution to the destruction derby comes to mind.

The Bottom Line

Overall this is still a must play adventure game. It ranks right up there among the best for its immersive atmosphere and wonderful characters.