Written by  :  Ray Soderlund (3609)
Written on  :  Apr 04, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars4.17 Stars

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Yet another fine addition to the LucasArts library of adventure games.

The Good

Like many LucasArts adventure games, there's a lot to like about Full Throttle. LucasArts has had a tendency to produce adventure games that are friendly, fun, and contain an interesting storyline. This rocking road trip of a game is no different.

The graphics are perfect for this type of game. The cartoon like style of Day of the Tentacle and Sam&Max Hit the Road is revisted here, only with a somewhat more serious tone. The style and animation easily beats out most Saturday morning cartoons, even at its pixelated low resolution. The characters are brought to life with expressive faces and little nuances (like reflections in chrome) make this a game worth watching, if not playing.

The voice-acting is top notch. Headed up by voice-acting veterans Jack Angel and Mark Hamill, the main speaking characters are defined as much by the voice and verbal mannerisms as they are their physical appearance, and the minor characters are all lively and enjoyable to listen to. There's really not one bad bit of acting among the batch, from Ben's gravelly voice to Ripburger's (excellently done by Hamill) menacing tone to the Ross Perot wannabe souvenir vendor.

The little semi-action games break up the adventure game and provide for a change of pace without disrupting the flow of the game. Much like the rest of the game (except for the end-game scenario), the arcade games are designed to be light on the difficulty and not force deaths or reloads over and over.

The soundtrack, mostly music from a genre I didn't expect to like, was very appropriate for the game, was coupled perfectly with scenes, and is actually quite good. I have found myself playing the opening sequence just for that theme and still get a kick out of music playing at the trailer guy's house.

The Bad

The game is relatively easy and doesn't last long. While the whole adventure is an enjoyable romp, it does run through quickly and seems over long before you want it to end. Usually that's a good sign for any media, but in this case, it's partially due to the story's brevity. This is made worse by the 'small world' sense the game gives, as you'll find yourself revisiting a number of the same places a number of time in order to complete some puzzles.

The Old Mine Road combat sequence is fun, but gets repetitive quickly and each important opponent needs to be taken down in a certain order (as you need a previous opponent's weapon to be victorious). Whether due to luck or a mistake in choosing the wrong weapon, you will find yourself needing to drive down the road many miles looking to get run through all the opponents you need to move on.

The Bottom Line

A semi-serious, enjoyable cartoon-looking biker gang adventure game filled with a friendly interface, puzzles that won't interfere too much with the game, and a fitting soundtrack. Fans of LucasArts games (and adventure games in general) won't want to pass this gem up. While not as hilarious as Day of the Tentacle or Sam&Max, Full Throttle is still a worthy addition to genre.