Fury of the Furries Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screen
Desert Level 1 - Near the exit
Desert Level 2 - Swinging
Entering the lagoon
Lagoon Level 1 - Cool dude, eh?
Lagoon Level 3 - Pulling the rock operates the pulley system
Entering the forest
Forest Level 1 - Nasty creature hanging on the tree
Forest Level 2 - Notice the AT-ST in the background (Hint: Vader)
Entering the pyramids
Pyramid Level 1 - These traps are piece 'o cake for the rope swinger
Island Overview
Artworks between each level
First level
Snow level
Castle level
Forest - notice the funny faces the Furries make when the player does nothing for some time
Pyramid - a real maze-like level
Mountain - the exact shades of the Furries vary in different worlds, look how bright the blue Furry is here
Factory - quite an easy level again
Entering the Village
Village - go all the way up between clothing lines
Village - the Smurfs were such nice creatures, but here they are dangerous
Castle, level 5 - I still can't get past level 9...
Have you perhaps thought the Castle is the end of the game? Nope, you also have to complete this strange machine rising out of the ocean...
Entering the Machine
The Machine isn't formally divided into levels, you can rather move between its various parts - here's the Furry Pinball
Machine - finally the exit!
The evil Machine is destroyed!
And this is the real end - an interactive level. Imagine: birds that don't hurt you... tiny creatures throwing confetti and not bullets...