Written by  :  Joakim Kihlman (275)
Written on  :  Mar 23, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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The first of many good Delphine Adventures

The Good

This is a classic. It is the first of its kind. It has a point and click interface and an exciting plot about time travel, and evil aliens. Before this game, most adventure games attracted a very narrow audience. They where extremely difficult to even understand how to operate. This game is simple to operate(however, whith some flaws and bugs) and it has nice graphics. The game is still difficult, though, as most adventure games. That might be one of the reasons for the lack of commercial success most adventure games suffer from. I love adventure games, but I have to admit that there are very few good ones. This is a pioneering game, and therefore it is very interesting. That the plot is okay and the graphics are nice just makes it an even greater game. This game could have been a mediocre failure, but it would still have received status as a groundbreaking game. This game is far from mediocre, however. It is not as good as some of the later masterpieces from Delphine, Lucasarts and Revolution (and to some extent Sierra, but their games are generally extremely overrated), but it is a good, stable adventure game.

The Bad

The point and click interface does not work as it should at all times. The character has a bad habit of refusing to do what you tell him to do, even when you know you are doing it the right way. The most common, and most annoying, fault is that the character constantly complains that he is too far away to pick up objects, push buttons and so on. This is annoying as hell. In more modern adventure games, the characters simply walks over to the item and picks it up, but not this guy, no you have to guide him all over to exactly the right spot and then tell him to pick the banana(or whatever) up. Also, the annoying action sequences that plagued many of the old adventure games, are a problem here too. It is just frustrating to have to shoot aliens with stupid controls. These sequences demands more luck than skill. Just close your eyes and click your brains out and hope to survive. Not very much fun at all.

The Bottom Line

As one of the first of its kind, this game made way for a lot of excellent Delphine adventures, such as "Operation Stealth" and "Cruise for a Corpse". This is a fine sci-fi adventure, with excellent graphics for its time, and a good plot. It has some obvious and annoying flaws, but despite this it is a good adventure and a must for everyone who loves a good adventure game.