Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (DOS)

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Alternate title screen
The first day begins... The game consists of ten days in total
Bookstore, Gabriel's "home base" and the game's starting location
Gabriel's room. Messy, isn't it?
Like in most Sierra games of the time, interaction icons can be hidden or shown during gameplay
Napoleon Bar. Stay for the drinks, chat with the locals...
Looking over the city park
This short, restricted, yet cool live-action animation appears when Gabriel leaves his bookstore
As always in Sierra games, text descriptions are plentiful. Gabriel here is admiring the local church
This is the message you receive when you try to talk to Jesus on the picture!
The strange, exotic voodoo museum. This theme leads to far darker consequences later in the game
The map of New Orleans with places of interest - at first there aren't many
The map of French District, where much of the action in the game takes place
Police station. You can still chat with characters before asking them specific questions, at which point you are taken to a separate screen
Gabriel is talking to Grace. Dialogues have multiple choices and appear on separate screens
Blues in a park. What more could you want?
Gabe and his Granny
View of Schloss Ritter
Schloss Ritter sure does have large rooms
Gabriel and his uncle, very short meeting though
When this screen appears, it usually means you're dead...
One of the game's several gruesome death scenes
This video animation shows Gabriel's recurring nightmare...
Nasty voodoo stuff - in higher-resolution CD version
No adventure game is complete without some sort of labyrinth
Bloody ritual
Airflight to Germany
Inventory with mysterious tablets
Another gruesome death - is there anything you could have done to stop it?..