Gateway to the Savage Frontier Credits


DesignDon L. Daglow
ProgrammingCathryn Mataga
Graphics / ArtworkDavid Bunnett, Sergio Lobato, Arturo Sinclair
Art DirectorDavid Bunnett
Project ManagerGeorge MacDonald
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMark Buchignani, Don L. Daglow, Cathryn Mataga, Linwood Taylor
Sound Effects DriverJohn Ratcliffe
Music ProductionLinwood Taylor
Journal Entries in ManualDon L. Daglow
Game DevelopmentGeorge MacDonald, Rick E. White
DocumentationRichard Wilson
Playtest ManagerLarry Stephen Webber
PlaytestingPhilip L. Alne, Mike Balajadia, Glen A. Cureton, Cyrus G. Harris, John Kirk, Alan Marenco, Jason Ray, Jeffrey Shotwell, Eduardo Trillo, André Vrignaud, James Young, Dennis Zahina
Art, Graphic Design, and DTPPeter Gascoyne (for Louis Saekow Design)
Pre‑Press Production (manual)Ray Garcia (for Louis Saekow Design), Kirk Nichols
Cover artwork byClyde Caldwell (uncredited)

Clue Book credits

AuthorDon L. Daglow
DeveloperGeorge MacDonald
EditorAl Brown
TesterAl Brown
Art, Graphic Design and Desktop PublishingLouis Saekow Design
Pre‑press ProductionLouis Saekow Design
PrintingAmerican Lithographers Inc.

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