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Gobliiins (DOS)

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Written by  :  *Katakis* (37741)
Written on  :  Oct 17, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Excellent adventure games from the little known French company

The Good

When I first had this game, I didn't know much about the French company Coktel Vision, but I read somewhere in an old PC magazine that they are owned by Sierra, makers of the ''Quest'' games.

After the introduction, there are three goblins that are standing in the wizard's courtyard and actually look like elves. They all have different abilities. For example, Goblin #1 is a technician and can pick up and use objects; Goblin 2 is a bearded magician and can put a spell on things to make them turn into a different object; and Goblin #3 is an athlete and can climb and punch. These goblins must help each other in 22 separate locations in search of the voodoo doll, so don't think you can get one goblin to do everything in one screen.

If you try out different things on one screen, you get to see something funny. For example, in Scene 15, firing a cannon the wrong direction will cause a big rat to die horribly. A warning though, there is a horizontal bar near the bottom of the screen, that decreases every time a goblin is hurt. So if you're not focusing on completing the adventure and rather doing funny things until no horizontal bar exists, the game is over.

While on your journey, you also have to collect four things which include a plant, a mushroom, a bottle, and, of course, the voodoo doll, Just below the horizontal bar on the right, this indicates what you need to get. When you collect one of the four items, a white line appears below it.

As I said earlier, there are 22 locations to explore. Some of them has mouthwatering graphics, particularly Scene 2, Scene 14, Scene 17, and Scene 18. Actually, nearly all the scenes have marvellous graphics, because they look hand drawn. The sound effects are really good and suits the sound effect from an action you are likely to perform. For example, firing a cannonball does actually sound like firing a cannonball. In other words, the sound effects are more realistic. They all the work of one guy called Moby, who later recorded songs, such as ''Play'' and ''Why does my heart feel so bad?''

The Bad

Gobliiins does not support save games, so you can't save. Instead, when you complete a scene, the game supplies you with a password, consisting of seven letter. When you are about to load a game, you will be asked to enter a password in order to get back where you've left off.

The Bottom Line

A good adventure game, together with good graphics, sound effects, and containing funny sequences, that made me laugh all the way through. Even though Gobliiins was sold out ages ago, it's out on the many ''abandonware sites'' across the web, so if you like an adventure game with a comedy fell about it, go get it. ****