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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Jewel Case - DOS (Software Creations release) (US):
    GOD OF THUNDER - You are Thor, The God of Thunder! Your father is Odin, the most powerful of the Norse Gods and ruler of Asgard. Odin must fall into a deep sleep (known as the Odinsleep) every few hundred centuries to rejuvinate his power. Your half-brother is Loki, The God of Mischief. Loki has seized the opportunity of this most recent Odinsleep and obtained the help of his most powerful allies to take control of Midgard (earth).

    Loki has established three centers of power on Midgard, from where he and his accomplices rule with an iron fist. The first is in Spegville, where Jormangund (the Midgard Serpent), delight in terrorizing its innocent citizens. The second, in the town of Milgrund, is now under the control of Nognir, Prince of the Underworld. Nognir keeps a firm grip on his subjects and runs his territory like a prison camp, complete with walled villages and locked gates. The third is in what used to be called Blechton. This territory is ruled by Loki himself. He has even changed the name of the town to Lokisburg. Its citizens are kept in constant fear of arrest for even the slightest infraction of any of Loki's long list of laws.

    Odin, upon awakening, learns of what has happened but has not yet recovered enough from his Odinsleep to challenge this terrible trio. As his eldest son and the Prince of Asgard, he has called upon you to journey to Midgard and defeat Loki and his evil allies.

    The programs can be run directly from the CD-ROM for instant play without using hard drive or floppy disk space.

    Contributed by JudgeDeadd (20606) on Jul 08, 2009.

Back of Wiz Shareware Release:
    The time is 927 A.D., a period of evil tyranny and chaos in the midst of an ancient civilization. You are Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, sent to embark upon an enchanted adventure to save your land from unending terror. Solve mind-boggling puzzles as you fight Jormangund and his evil allies through scene after scene of exciting VGA graphics. A spectacular adventure from Software Creations. (Sound Blaster Supported)

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3236) on Jun 06, 2002.