Grand Prix II Credits


Lead ProgrammingGeoffrey J. Crammond
Lead DesignGeoffrey J. Crammond
Menu Design & Additional ProgrammingPete Cooke
Circuit TopographyNorman Surplus
Additional Circuit ResearchCelia Holmes
Performance Analysis & Test DrivingDavid Surplus
ProducerStephen Hand
Graphic ArtistsPeter Austin, Andy Cook, Drew Northcott, Martin Severn, Greg Shill
MusicJohn Broomhall, Andrew Parton
SoundJohn Broomhall, Andrew Parton
GuitarsLaurie Sinnett, Keith Thompson
QA ManagerAndrew Luckett
PlaytestingDarren Kirby, Craig Lear, Daniel Luton, Justin Manning, Philip McDonnell, Jason Sampson, Patrice Stauder, Zoe Steadman, Donald Witcombe
Manual TextRick Haslam, Nick Stokes
Manual DesignSarah Warburton
Managing EditorAlkis Alkiviades
Product Marketing ManagerJohn Davis
PublisherRob Davies
Special Thanks ToDave Amey, Sheila Boughten, Nick Cook, Jed Leicester, Martin Moth, Max Nightingale, David Owen, Steve Perry, Scott K. Tsumura
Product ManagerDavid Burton
Installation ProgrammingAdrian Scotney
Additional Graphics Paul Truss
Quality AssuranceMartin Brown, David Ginsburg
Manual PhotgraphiesJohn Townsend Formula One Pictures
Formula 1 Photographies in-game supplied byAutosport
Voice Samples bySound Development Studios
MicroProse-Audio-System uses Sound Operating System byHMI
MicroProse-Audio-System uses Smacker Video Technology byRAD Software
Game CopyrightGeoffrey J. Crammond
Package and Manual CopyrightMicroProse

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