Guilty Credits (DOS)

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Guilty Credits


Creative DirectorAndy Blazdell
Technical DirectorSimon Lipowicz
Additional ProgrammingGlyn Kendall
Character AnimationJack Wilkes
Background ArtistStuart Hughes
Face AnimationGary Welch
3D AnimationAndy Day
Additional AnimationAziz Rashid, Tahir Rashid
MusicIan McCue
Sound EffectsShout Ltd.
Audio Interface Library Sound SystemJohn Miles (copyright Miles Design Inc.)
Language TranslationAlpha Translations
PlaytestingChris Graham, Paul Wallace
Associate ProducerNik Wild
Sound DriversJohn Miles
Character VoicesMichael Burrell, Adam Henderson, Jason Isaacs, Pamela Keevil, Jessica Martin, Paul Panting, Nick Ryan, Kerry Shale
Sound EngineerDavid Peacock
DocumentationThe Word Factory
Manual DesignPeter Dyke, Hesketh Design
Packaging DesignPeter Dyke, Hesketh Design

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