Guilty (DOS)

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Written by  :  willyum (1030)
Written on  :  May 30, 2001
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The hilarious sequel to Innocent Until Caught

The Good

The fact that you can play the game either as Ysanne or Jack T. Ladd gives the game some replayability value. Anyone who plays this game through as one character -must- play it through as the other, because of the subtle differences in gameplay. Jack is, after all, a master thief, so the puzzles that he goes through are quite different from those that Ysanne, law-abiding bounty hunter, goes through. In both cases, the dialogue options were full of wit and humor, especially when both characters interact with one another.

The Bad

A lot of the solutions to the puzzle were just plain outlandish. When playing, some of the problems just don't seem to make any sense, and neither do their solutions. They usually involve going out of your way in order to accomplish a simple task. Additionally, the characters walk pretty slowly, so when you're backtracking through various areas that you've already explored, you tend to lost interest rather quickly. Personally, I thought the ending rather lame: it seemed kinda rushed: it just happens, and then that's it! Nothing else. I thought it was a fairly disappointing ending.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this game was good. It's interface is exactly the same as that of Innocent Until Caught, and there is really nothing new to be found here. The game doesn't require that the first part be played, although it includes occaisional and subtle inferences to the previous part.