Gulf Strike Credits (DOS)

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Gulf Strike Credits


Game DesignWinchell Chung
Original Board‑game EditionMark Herman, Victory Games
Apple and Commodore 64 Game byDyadic Software
IBM version bySteve Estvanik
Rules EditingWilliam E. Peschel, Charles Kibler
Production CoordinatorPhyllis Opolko
Rules GraphicsCharles Kibler, Mike Creager
Box CoverJim Talbot
TypesettingColonial Composition
Prep Dept. CoordinatorElaine M. Adkins
Printing Monarch Services Inc.
PlaytestersLawrence Besser, Greg Bill, Neil Bradley, Ross Burton, Regan Carey, William Edminston, Dale Findley, Charles Freeman, Al Friedman, Arlan Harris, Russell Hester, Don Lange, Robert Lear, William L. MacMurdy Jr., L.G. McEliney, Pete McIntosh, Michael Musser, Pete Petrone, Richard Spinelli, Nicholas Thomas, John Snider, Sue Snider, Tom Springsteen, Johnny Wilson

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Credits for this game were contributed by me3D31337 (60840) and Pseudo_Intellectual (59934)