Gunship 2000: Philippine Islands & Antarctica Scenario Disk With Mission Builder Credits


Game DesignJames M. Day, Darrell Dennies, Detmar Peterke, Christopher Clark
ProgrammingDarrell Dennies, Detmar Peterke
Topographical 3‑D Concept/ProgrammingDarrell Dennies
Mission Builder ProgrammingDon Goddard
Art DesignEdward Bendetti, Michael Reis
World GraphicsJames M. Day, Christopher Clark
3‑D EffectsMax D. Remington III, Susan Ullrich
Sound ProgrammingJim McConkey
Documentation/ResearchLawrence T. Russell, James M. Day
EditorB. C. Milligan
Director of Publication DesignJoseph Morel
GraphicsGeorge Gill
LayoutJuanita M. Bussard
Chapter Head IllustrationsMichael R. Bates
Quality AssuranceTimothy Train, Alan Roireau, Michael Craighead, Quentin Chaney, Michael Rea, Mike Corcoran, Chris Hewish, Frank Brown, David Osborne, Vaughn Thomas
Package DesignMoshe Milich, Gary T. Almes

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Credits for this game were contributed by James Day (14) and formercontrib (159638)